Utci Comercializadora Internacional

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Who we are

UTCICA acts both in its capacity with its strategic allies in an integral manner and exchanges its services and components, human, economic, financial, logistical, administrative resources; and, the experience of each of them in their different fields, within the sectors, in order to achieve their objectives and feasible projects structured for the full potential development of our clients.

There are also companies that are Strategic Corporate and Consortium Allies, which are made up of a group of interdisciplinary professionals with a High level of knowledge in: finance and engineering, technology, systemic logistics and operations, united with the same effort and prepared with recognized and proven experience in the different sectors that cohabit in our company in a transversal and integral way.


To offer companies from the various sectors, our knowledge in the development of their
own services of Integral Operational, Marketing and Financial Logistics, under the

figure of advisors and be competitive in the local and foreign market, managing to attend and cover the attention of the final consumer in the market, to grow and expand their services inside and outside their countries of origin.